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 ~OldScool PrOjEcT~

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PostSubject: ~OldScool PrOjEcT~   Fri May 18, 2007 2:21 pm

As many of u knows about ~Amber Project~ or ~dev-ATeam Project~ or any others, ....those are super nice projects...I decide to do something more professional with many features in it!This package is for those who want to learn how to install, and use the server at maximum capacity!
For who doesn't know....with this pack u can do almost everything...cause u don't need to install mysql, apache, php, sqlylog (soon), mysql tools(soon), web page, forum, php myadmin, and many other futures...


Code Name "OldSchool Project" or "OSP"

Features Log:
+Rearchive all the files in WinRar for adding info or guide file for all
+Add documentation
+Add Documentation for tools
+Add phpmyadmin skins
+Add Apache2 latest!
+Add Background 2 "Redirect.html"
+Update OSP Console to latest backup info
+Add compiles by Axel
+Make Config Files invisible
+Finish guide for Remote Desktop connection
+Add "OldSchool PrOjEcT" in "Redirect.html"

+vmaps extractor completez setarile
+update backup files with directory entries...and settings for this
+update backup files with all the tables

Usual Features:
+Add/Remove all the credits people
+Update the Server to latest DB + core
+Gather tools guides and info
+Add programs from SVNUpdate
+Update "minimanager" with curent core+db

Change Log:
+update core 3634 + db ch 185
+update setup
+update db to 184
+Add "Display_Ids.txt"
+Add simple registration web page "Spora v1.3.1" to archives
+Add Remote Desktop Guide - the most simple way to connect to an other computer!
+Some cleanup and reorganize tools
+update core to 3612 with vmaps support + vmaps extractor
+update dbbiene to 0.9.0
+Add vv@vvmodelview 0.5.08 - very nice tool:P unique I could add
+Update Phpmyadmin to v 2.10.1 - stable vers + many security fixes
+Downgrade core to 3607 for better stability and update db to 181! - working with no errors
+Reinstalled phpbb2 + some templates
+Archieved phpbb v3 to "Archieves"

+Some project cleanup
+Add aditional options to the setup file for a larger manevrability
+Core 3611 + full db changeset 180 -I won't count them anymore like 2 changes!
+Add autoextractor for maps and dbc files
+Add schortcuts on desktop,quicklaunch, start menu
+Add Pre-Installed "MySQL Query Browser" - only that tool!
+Update to core 3607
+Add "Links4WebInfos" and also to links - this folder will contain links for webpages like vv@vvhead!
+Add Pseuvv@vv v11
+Removed MaNGOS Restarter - now we have MaNGOS GUI - Add "MaNGOS Restarter" to Archieves
+Add Mangos GUI

+Add core 3596
+Update to ch 178
+Add Outland Map
+Done addtional fixes and updates
+Update MiniManager to 0.1.1d
+Change the WebPage Template to NAMBC
+Created "Update" system - this archieved will be stored in "Archieves" folder
+Add "Wmr - Mangos Restarter (src), With Remote control and ..."
+Add "[Info]" folder + plus some info in it!
+Add WDBMAX 2.0.16 by maximus
+Add MangAdmin v0.2 - this tool is extremly recommanded for any GM no matter his/her lvl for ingame support
+Add "Links4Tools" in Links folder + some Links ....this links helps u to track all the updates for majority of the tools included
+Add temporary dbc.rar - this contain all dbc...cause I dicovered that ppl doesn't follow the guide to extract them!
+Add Grunt Jr.
+Update Quest Editor to 0.9.29
+Update MaNGOS to changeset 176
+Add new folder for SNVUpdate checkout
+Update Core Rev 3574
+Update Quest Editor to v0.9.28
+Add temporary icon for the project installer
+Update text in GNU License...Made some corrections, and some visual change!Upgrade from txt to rtf file!
+Update db with ch 171 - 174
+Add Multi Language Cache Cleaner enGB,enUS,frFR
+Add changesets 171 - 174
+Add Mangos & Realmd tables detailed
+Update core 3561
+Update minor changes and fixes

+Add "SQL Tutorial" - by Cyrex
+Update to core 3551
+Add Lastest Complete Full 0.6.4 DB from SDB
+Add "csv Reader" for reading csv files!
+Add "TortoiseSVN-" - this tool is a very strong tool, to keep update your "SVNUpdates" - for later understand!
+Add "Spell.dbc Reader" - this little tool reads only "spell.dbc" file!
+Add "Team Speak" for chating through mic!
+Add "Restart.sql" in "Sql" folder.
+Add "Db BackUp Tables.rtf" doc.
+Update some warkaround fixes

+Update the package to "OSP.exe", wich is a cooler design for installing the project
+Update "MaNGOS.sql" to latest changeset 166
+Update core to 3528 + ScriptDev2 38
+Add "Restart SQL" to import in mangos db & Info for aplaying it!

+Add dbBiene 3487 - editor for creature_loot_template, creature_template, gameobject, gameobject_loot_template, quest_template
+Add nncron191
+Add Db_update
+Add minimanager for mangos srv 0.1.1c
+Add new forum phpbb 3.0B5
+Add new webpage template V3
+Update "Version.log"

+Add "Start" & "Stop" Icons
+Fix problem with importing "SDB Pre-Release 0.6.3+TBC+Ch157.sql"
+Add "SVNUpdates" folder that contain all folder+sources gathered by Axel(many others will be implemented in time)
+Add "SQL Synthesis v1.2.0 - A tool for merging multiple SQL files into one
+Reconfigure 0.7.6 imported files for use in OldSchool Project - time is precious
+Import 3 files from "Amber project" - "install_db","amber.bat","amber.ini"
+Add "MaNGOS_Pre_Release.sql" to BackUp Folder for feature auto import settings
+Moved tools from "BackUp" folder to "BackUp Tools"
+Add "BackUp Tools" folder to stock all tools for backup
+Update "Sql" entire folder with Tortoise SVN
+Update Core to "Mangos 3504+ScriptDev2 Rev 36+Stability Patch+SSE2 By Haken"

+Add "Screen Shoots Manager 0.9.0" for handling screen shoots much easier!
+Rearchived everything in the project with 7z system!
+Add "Dbc To Csv Convertor.7z"
+Add "Advanced TBC Dbc Extractor.7z"
+Add "Notepad++ 4.0.2" - this tools is a strong recommandet...It can be used to open many types of files and easy edit!
+Add "Nmod 2.0.9 TBC" - this tool contain many addons for your vv@vv
+Add "Mysql Gui Tools 5.0 r10 Win32" especialy for "Mysql Querry Browser"
+Add SQLyog Community 5.22a
+Add "Patch 2.0.12" - this will inform u about all changes that bli33@rd is doing!
+Update to MaNGOSrev3492+ScriptDev2rev36 by "Ophie"
+Add latest changesets 158 & 159
+Add "Updates" to stock the changesets and new revs
+Fix some problems in "realmd"
+Add "MDH" latest release but outdated (I don't suggest to use it yet)
+Update "How To Install" file

+Add 2 backgrounds for further use
+Modfied "Icons" folder with "Icons & Backgrounds"
+Fix a bug that cut showing the pictures,when activating "Redirect.html"
+Add "TBC_Logo.gif" icon used for "Redirect.html"
+Add "PhpAdmin_Logo.png" icon used for "Redirect.html"
+Add "Icons" folder for stocking all OSP icons
+Add "Realmlist Config" - with this tool u can easly edit your "realmlist.wtf"
+Add "Stop.bat" button
+Add "Start.bat" button
+Add olf phpadmin
+Add Old forum
+Add Old WebPage
+Updated Redirect.html
+Update to lates mysql stable version
+Update to latest php
+Configure connection between mysql + apache + php
+Add Php support
+Add Apache2 support
+Add Mysql 5.0.37 support

+Modify system of counting the "Change Log"
+Change "My Documents" folder name with "OSP Documents"
+Add "BackUp" folder
+Add "BackUpChars" - for accounts backup
+Add "FullBackUp" - for entire data base
+Add "GM Commands"
+Add "GNU License"
+Add "Quest Editor 0.9.25"
+Add "Quest Editor 0.9.25" info

+Add Nickname for project "OSP" wich means "OldSchool Project"
+Update "Features Log.log"
+Update "Links" folder with 2 new links
+Renamed "Features Log.log" with "OSP Features Log.log"
+Add "MANGOS Restarter"
+Add "Crash Logs" folder supported by "MANGOS Restarter"

+Add "My Documents" Folder
+Add "How to install.rtf" in "My Documents" folder
+Add "Add.rar" in "Tools" folder
+Add "Mpqe.rar" in "Tools" folder
+Add "Links" folder for stocking usefull shortcut links
+Add schortcut links for all tools needed
+Update "How to install.rtf"

+Add MaNGOS rev3485 + ScriptDev2 rev34
+Add "Sql" Folder
+Add "Data" Folder
+Add "Data" subfolders "Dbc" & "Maps"
+Add "Tools" Folder
+Config "mangos.cong" & "realmd.conf"
+Add "Archives" Folder
+Add "SDB Pre-Release 0.6.3 + TBC.rar" in "Archives" folder

+Update "Features Log"
+Update "Credits Log" with all peoples programs and ideas that were used
+Add Credits Log
+Add Change Log
+Add Features Log
+Add Code Name for the project "OldSchool Project"

Download Full Project:
7-Zip 4.42

Download Updates:

Credits Log:
~Cyrex~ for being my superior ,friend and my mentor in db stuff
Others from SDB & Mangosproject - For creating and sharing the programs
~Axel~(me) - For the updated idea
~Langi~ for his great work
~shivajiva101~ - For "Amber Project" idea
~kizura~ for dbBiene 3487
~maximus~ for WDBMAX Project
~Holy~ for Outland Map
~Metal494~ for his compile

I am opened for ideas...so I can add them to new features...If u guys,who read this topic, want a proffesional work, than I am free for suggestions! Write the ideas in this topic!THX

Some quick answers:
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PostSubject: Re: ~OldScool PrOjEcT~   Sat May 19, 2007 1:44 pm

Download Full Project:
7-Zip 4.42

Download Updates:

There are no Links to those lol!
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PostSubject: Re: ~OldScool PrOjEcT~   Sun May 20, 2007 2:07 pm

my project is not for this community, at least for now!
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PostSubject: Re: ~OldScool PrOjEcT~   

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~OldScool PrOjEcT~
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