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 Some little fixes!

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PostSubject: Some little fixes!   Sun Jun 03, 2007 11:57 pm

update creature_template set mingold=448848, maxgold=448848 where entry=15690;
update creature_template set mingold=387515, maxgold=387515 where entry=15691;
update creature_template set mingold=397847, maxgold=397847 where entry=15687;
update creature_template set mingold=387833, maxgold=387833 where entry=15688;
update creature_template set minhealth=840000, maxhealth=840000, mingold=386783, maxgold=386783 where entry=16524;
update creature_template set minhealth=1100000, maxhealth=1100000, mingold=483913, maxgold=483913 where entry=15689;

update creature_template set mingold=386101, maxgold=386101 where entry=17225;
update creature_template set minhealth=2300000, maxhealth=2300000, mingold=840915, maxgold=840915 where entry= 17711;
update creature_template set minhealth=1500000, maxhealth=1500000, mingold=387950, maxgold=387950 where entry=19044;
update creature_template set mingold=288212, maxgold=288212 where entry=18831;

#Quest "Taming The Beast" Series BE
UPDATE quest_template SET NextQuestInChain = 10530 WHERE entry = 9617;
UPDATE quest_template SET MinLevel = 10 , SpecialFlags = 4 , PrevQuestId = 9617 WHERE entry = 10530;
UPDATE quest_template SET PrevQuestId = 10530 where entry = 9484;

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Some little fixes!
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